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Colin has a sharp ear and really understands the elements at play when it comes to mastering and what a mix might need to really sparkle. When adjustments need to be made, he is ready and willing to do it. I recommend Capricorn at every turn. They do very quality work at reasonable rates and in a timely manner. Regardless of budget, I know I'm getting an amazing product from Capricorn that will sound on par with any record out there, and noticeably better than most!

-Hargo Khalsa, Feather and Dot

Colin was very responsive to my concerns about keeping the dynamic range and sense of space intact. It is a powerful experience to listen to this record, and that's exactly what I wanted to preserve.

-Gayla Drake

We appreciate the attention we received from Colin after he had finished our project and had been paid for the services. We had questions/needs and he took care of them. That's top-notch customer service. That's how you build relationships. Colin has a great ear and is passionately involved (ie, it seems like it's more than just a job) in doing his part to make the music sound the best possible.

-The Lonelyhearts

I would absolutely recommend Capricorn Mastering. It's obvious that Colin cares about music, has a great former band of his own and knows what he's doing. My whole band was very pleased with the loudness, eq and control of the final master. The equipment is top notch and things went smoothly. His explanations of the things he was doing to the mixes was conveyed perfectly.

-Michael Horvath, Lessons From Zeke

Even though I have the equipment and resources to master it myself, the mastering sound quality at Capricorn Mastering is top notch, and the engineer, Colin was very open to how I wanted the record to sound. Capricorn Mastering has a knowledgeable and experienced crew. Laid back mastering engineers that cater to your sound preference and work hard at achieving a great sounding record!

-Recent Client, 2015

Capricorn Mastering was super helpful every step of the way, and made sure my music where it needed to be to get the best masters I could get out of my songs

-Eric Hesse

Although they have worked with some named talent, Capricorn Mastering treated me like I was important too. They were very professional and they made me feel comfortable doing business with them. They were prompt in responding to me and answered all of my questions and concerns.

-Albert Martino, Halloween Haunts

I was pleased with how friendly they were over the phone. They explained to me how mixing/mastering works step by step. They were patient with me and when I emailed them they were quick to respond. I appreciate them for that!

-Recent Client, 2014

After working with Capricorn Mastering, we were surprised at the speed at which they got things done without sacrificing quality. We had a huge project and were on a deadline and they worked really well under those conditions.

-Nikki Green, Liquid Blue

Working with Capricorn Mastering was a very comfortable, enjoyable, and interesting process and also reasonably priced. Colin, my engineer, was very patient and helpful in working with me to get the sound I was looking for.

-Wayne Konopaske

The attention and desire to attend my demands were above expectations. Most pro mastering studios i've worked did not care much for a small studio like mine.

-Leandro Dias, Studio Owner, Rio de Janeiro

From the first e-mail to the completion of the mastering process, Joe Goodwin at Capricorn Mastering was helpful, engaged and available to help get my project to sound its best. At one point Joe found some things in the mix that weren't working and he showed me how, why and gave me time to get everything corrected instead of just pumping the master out and cashing the check! Capricorn actually cares what the projects that come out of their studio sound like. Joe will answer your questions and give you feedback that will make your CD stand up and stand out with anything out there. When the label received the master, they listed to it once and sent it out to be pressed. No nit picking, no second-guessing, no re-mix/re-master. All they said was "this sounds great" and that was it. Joe nailed it.

-Steve Garcia, Recording Artist, Sunset Records NYC

There is always that final vital stage in making a album or recording .. Mastering. As both Recording Engineer and Musician , I entrusted my latest Album " Foundation " with Joe . There is a reason I now bring all of my projects and clients projects to Joe & Capricorn Mastering. Having put the time and care into making each recording and/or mix , it was a pleasure to work with somebody that equally cared about getting it right ! Great people + the right tools + a great ear = fantastic working experience with fantastic results . There is a reason Joe and Capricorn Mastering appear on numerous award winning records.

-Aaron Swanton, Scarlet Symphony, Recording Engineer / Producer

First off, Capricorn Studios is an incredible space and it's so nice being downtown; everything at your fingertips right outside the studio. We looked at other studios in San Diego and their industrial park remoteness was a bit of a drag. The mastering portion of their business is managed by an adept, hard-working, and attentive engineer who pulls from years of experience, a classically trained background, and cutting edge technology -we've got a fairly decent knowledge of industry standards- at his fingertips. Also the intangibles were there like a great ear and a wide breadth of knowledge on bands and musical genres- and a massive corresponding library on hand to boot! Most importantly, the finished product was clearly night and day from the un-mastered tracks, and it got our album to the professional level we needed to achieve.

- Ryan Gordon, The Firing

Capricorn Studios was more than accommodating to all my needs. I came and multitracked an entire EP with the help of an amazingly open minded engineer who provided suggestions that made my recording as detailed as it is. The studio was clean and well maintained, and I felt comfortable the minute I stepped through the front door. The mastering process took one day and I got a finished product that exceeded my expectations as well as many others. The work ethic was relaxed yet paced to complete my project, so my creativity was flowing effortlessly. Thank you again Capricorn, I will be back to record my next project soon!

- Kronos the Deejay a.k.a. Aaron Kendall Pridemore

"Working with Capricorn was a true pleasure. Everything from the first recordings to the final product, my time spent there was as if I was in my own living room. My favorite part was the mastering process. just to hear my music's sound go from something amazing to spectacular by running through all that bad ass gear that Joe has up in that Mastering studio, Made my year. I guess they did something right, my record is up for "Best Local Recording" in San Diego Music Awards 2008. Thanks Joe For Kicking Ass."

-Marc Gould, Bedford Grove

"Joe at Capricorn Mastering made our EP sparkle and shine exactly how we wanted it to. He was great to work with and understood what the music should sound like. Can you get better qualities in a mastering guy? No. We think not."


"I wanna thank Joe and all the guys at Capricorn mastering! As a newcomer to mastering they hooked me up with all the info I needed, and broke it down quick and clean. In the end I got a great sound for a great price. Thanks y'all! Holla!"


"After working on our album for two years, we needed a mastering engineer that would do our album justice. Based on the word of friends and associates we took the album to LA to get mastered by "So and So's" personal engineer for a discounted friend of a friend price. Long story short, the album sounded terrible. Now out the money we spent and still in need of a master, we searched out professional studios and did it the right way, we requested a sample master first. We contacted three wellrespected studios and the sample we got back from Joe blew us away. We had the whole album done with Capricorn Mastering and have not regretted it for a second. Joe was helpful and professional, the studio was great, and best of all; the album sounds incredible. I will be using Capricorn Mastering for all my future projects and have told many other people to do the same thing."

-MarkMyWords of "Nature of the Beast"

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