Capricorn Mastering

Mastering Equipment

Barefoot Nearfield Mastering Monitors

For what it will sound like on average speakers we use Avantones

Warm + Punchy = 1/4" Tape
Quarter Inch Tape Machine

24 track 2" machine is mostly for drums, but always an option
2 Inch Tape Machine

Sonic Studio's PMCD can create DDP files, add CD text, and ISRC codes.
PMCD Behemoth....Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor
Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor

Dangerous Music D-Box console ~~ handy.

Standard Rock/Metal digital
Rock/Metal digital

Lavry ~ the best way from D to A.

Computer monitors are so 2005.
We like the 40" TV better.

ProTools is the DAW of choice

secret weapon.............
Mastering Equipment