Capricorn Mastering

Mastering Services

Audio Mastering
Complete professional audio mastering services can include EQ, Compression, Limiting, De-essing, Stereo Image Manipulation, Harmonic Enhancement and more. Each project is approached differently and thus the technique used to master varies.

Mixing Services
Protools sessions can be given a final mix by a pro mix engineer on professional quality monitors using great gear. Single songs or full albums accepted. Mix and master your project in one studio!

PMCD & DDP Preparation
A PMCD (Pre Master Compact Disk) or DDP is usually required for CD duplication. We prefer to deliver DDP, however we can create error checked PMCDs using Plex Tools Pro. We also make the PQ log, can add CD text for compatible players and encode ISRC codes. Visit the ISRC website for more information on getting codes for your project.

Album Layout & Formatting
We can work with you, or make artistic decisions regarding song order, gap lengths and fades. We can optimize these factors to create the optimal Vinyl sides.

Audio Restoration & Noise Reduction
Using Izotope Rx and other tools from Waves, we can apply special algorithms and filters to fix unwanted audio artifacts, restore archival recordings and repair damaged audio.

Archives & Transfers
Audio can be transfered from different analog formats to digital and enhanced.

Film and Television
Mastering services available for film scores, songs, and soundtracks. We will make your music is as rich and balanced as possible for your film or television production. Rates are dependent on the length of material.

Full Recording Studio
We are associated with Capricorn Studios, which offers full recording services.

Upload Your Song

Your recording is finished. It sounds good, but does it have the warmth and punch your favorite records do? Does it play at a similar loudness level? Do you want to add CD text, or ISRC codes? Mastering uses very specialized equipment to put the finishing touches on each song. We take your songs to the next level to get the attention you want. Whether you have a full album, or demo. One track or twenty, Mastering is the last crucial step to take before you wow your audience.

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