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Use our Hightail Dropbox to send us your audio files!

New Clients: Send us your song and we will provide a free sample mastering of a portion, showing you the difference Capricorn Mastering can make. Upload Your Song Now!

1. We accept either .wav or .aif file extensions. No mp3's please. It's important that we get the highest quality files to work from. If you have any questions, please contact us.

2. We prefer 24 bit files with sample rates up to 96k, but 16 bit and 44.1k can be used. Most importantly, send us the files as they were in the mix. Don't change the bit-depth or sample rate.

3. Please include the artist/song name, a contact phone number, and any special instructions you think will help us to achieve the sound you want.

4. E-Mail us directly if you have any questions - we are happy to help:

Upload Your Song

  • Free Sample Master
  • 1-9 songs: $65/each
  • Additional songs: $55/each
  • Price includes layout, PMCD, DDP and all media
  • Serving Solo Artists, Bands, Choirs, Compilations, Audio Books, and more
  • Offering Mastering, Mixing, Restoration, and Audio Consulting